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Patio Surfaces

Your backyard is just as much a part of your home as the inside. Ensure your patio is as much of a design statement as it is a functional living area with a variety of patio surfaces from Buchheit Construction.

Concrete patio surfaces are a key to the design of any outdoor patio. Concrete patios are an excellent place to have parties and enjoy the outdoors, and they can make a design statement as well with eye-catching patio surfaces. Our patio surfaces are designed to maximize usability and showcase your new patio. Customers all over St. Louis are thrilled with the level of attention and detail that we put into every patio that we design. We have years of expertise in the field of patio design and creation. If you need elegant and beautiful patio surfaces, look no further than Buchheit Construction!

Buchheit Construction is a leader in designing and installing beautiful decorative concrete patios. Our knowledgeable concrete teams offer expert services with all forms of concrete for patios and patio surfaces including stamped, traditional brushed finish, and aggregate. From proper foundation work, to the installation and finishing touches, you will be impressed with our attention to detail and open communication throughout the entire project. If you are considering a new concrete patio, call us today, we would love to learn about your project and how we can help. We offer free onsite consultations and complimentary detailed proposals.

With the help of our design team, we will ensure your concrete patio surfaces are up to your level of perfection. The steps we follow ensure your concrete patio will last for many years, and will look exactly how you design it. We take many steps to ensure your concrete patio surface is perfect:

Our team uses industry standard and state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure the foundation of your concrete patio is as smooth and level as possible.

We offer a wide variety of surface finishes to truly make your concrete patio yours. Click here for a list of our finishes!

We offer concrete sealing to make sure your patio surface stays bright and smooth for the entirety of its life. Our professional team is skilled at sealing and protecting your concrete patio surface, so you don’t have to.

We also offer colored concrete in almost any shade you can imagine! Your concrete patio surface will not only be durable and level; it will also be eye-catching and enjoyable to look at.

Concrete adds a permanent value to your home, and is one of the few additions that can be considered an investment.

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A backyard patio really sets your home apart from the rest, with added living space and a designated outdoor entertainment area. Buchheit Construction has design experts ready to help you design and implement the most ideal concrete patio surface for your home. If you have been considering a backyard patio, call us today and we can show you how decorative concrete and state-of-the-art building materials can transform your backyard into a paradise.

We provide an ongoing commitment to our concrete patios all over St. Louis, while providing fast, professional customer service and satisfaction that has earned us a reputation for being a professional backyard patio contractor with reliability and quality workmanship. We are committed to our customers before, during, and after the installation.

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