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Concrete Retaining Walls

Since retaining walls have critical functions in landscapes and outdoor areas, they must be built by an experienced and knowledgeable concrete contractor. Choose Buchheit Construction!

Many landscapers use Concrete Retaining Walls to create certain themes and unique designs for their landscaping projects. These concrete structures also create more functional spaces in the landscape, creating a usable space where an unusable space once existed. Retaining walls are also used to control soil erosion, drainage or other safety hazards that may affect your property.

With Buchheit Construction, you are assured that we will build a durable and functional retaining wall. We always see to it that our design can meet clients’ needs and will comply with local regulations. We assess each customers area to determine the perfect type of retaining wall to use. Certain factors such as the slope, height of the wall, and the intended function or use of the wall are also taken into consideration. Our company uses only premium masonry materials to ensure the integrity of all retaining walls that we build.

Our Concrete Retaining Walls are designed to withstand the test of time. We have expert knowledge of all forms of concrete retaining wall construction. Our Concrete Retaining Wall Services Include:

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In making a choice for a new patio, remember to choose designs and materials that are practical. Patios usually have a specific purpose, and we can help make sure you receive maximum benefit from this investment. Buchheit Construction will be happy to visit with you to discuss patio options with you free of charge.

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