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Concrete Curbing

Add Curb Appeal to Concrete Sidewalks, Roads, Patios & Driveways with Concrete Curbing

Nothing enhances and supports a newly poured concrete sidewalk, concrete road, concrete driveway, concrete patio or concrete parking lot better than properly poured concrete curbing. We use premium materials for our concrete curbing sidewalk projects. These materials allow us to create a durable and aesthetically appealing concrete curb. We’re just not any concrete curb contractor. We’re proud of our solid reputation of skilled workmanship and are ready to provide it to you.

Concrete curbing is important, bottom line. Most people think of curbs as raised strips of concrete along the edges of streets and parking lots and don’t think about the benefits and safety curbs provide. Concrete curbing not only defines the edges of paved surfaces but holds the pavement in place and serves as a termination to keep the pavement from expanding and deteriorating. Concrete curbing helps prevent vehicles or bicycles from driving through protected areas, controls drainage and landscaping and adds structural support to concrete sidewalks, roads, patios and driveways. It also adds an attractive, finishing touch to adjoining surfaces, otherwise known as curb appeal.

Creating concrete curbing requires expertise and knowledge of both construction and decorative techniques, as well as construction standards and requirements. Buchheit Construction specializes in designing and creating exceptional, functional concrete curbs for various applications. Experienced in both residential concrete curbing and commercial concrete curbing services, Buchheit Construction is happy to accommodate our customer’s project, no matter the size. Our portfolio consists of all concrete structures — from decorative finishes, stamped and colored concrete to standard curbs and sidewalks for cities and subdivisions. Other concrete structures, such as large retaining walls, patios and driveways are typically included in most projects we complete for our customers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Concrete curbs have a specific purpose and can be designed and poured several ways. Let us design and build concrete curbing that exceeds your expectations. You’ll be happy with our workmanship. Buchheit Construction is happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss curb options.

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The benefit of decorative stamped concrete sidewalk versus natural stone is lower cost, higher durability and inherent strength and endurance. Buchheit Construction has a large selection of available concrete stamps, patterns and designs to transform your home. If you have been considering stamped concrete sidewalk, call us today and we can show you how decorative concrete can transform your sidewalk into a paradise.

We provide an ongoing commitment to our concrete sidewalks all over St. Louis, while providing fast, professional customer service and satisfaction that has earned us a reputation for being a professional stamped concrete sidewalks contractor with reliability and quality workmanship. We are committed to our customers before, during, and after the installation.

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